Useful Links

Some Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics Groups in Greece

Other Stuff: the professional website of author George Ioannidis, director of Daidaleos publishing and former collaborator of mine during my time in Mystery magazine.

Necronomicon Magic:  a little website I used to manage during the aforementioned time, dealing with the Cthulhu mythos and those who worship the Great Old Ones.

Aiolos Publishing:  Quality books in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Weird Fiction, Horror, history and philosophy.  Also, one of the two places you’ll find decent Greek translations of H.P. Lovecraft’s works.

Locus-7 Publishing: The publishing company of George Balanos, and the other place you’ll find decent Greek translations of Lovecraft’s works.


Agrinio Culture:  A useful resource on my hometown, if – for *some* reason – you want to go there…