Web Development

Apart from (or, more correctly, in parallel with) my research activity, my other interest has included web design.  Starting from taking a few relevant courses in the Bioinformatics post-graduate programme (which included programming in Java, MySQL database management, HTML/CSS editing and the use of Java Servlets in the construction of dynamic websites), I further trained myself in web development and the use of PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript and, more recently, R with shiny, as well as the use of CMS systems such as WordPress.  A few of my endeavors in web development are presented below.
The Bioinformatics Post-graduate programme website
As part of my employment by the Bioinformatics Prost-Graduate Programme (Now called “Masters in Bioinformatics-Computational Biology”), I created (and actively moderated/maintained for three years) the new website of the master’s programme (you can still find the previous one here, if you want to compare).  Compared to the previous iteration, the new website was significantly more organized, easier to use, moderate and update by users with minimal to no web design experience and more accessible to users (i.e. the students themselves).
Online tools
As part of my research, I have developed a number of tools and applications, which have been implemented as publicly accessible web services.  These can be found in the Online Tools page.  All of them have been implemented using so-called “Modern Technologies”, i.e. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, R/Shiny etc, and also include back-ends based on Python, R etc, as well as interfaces with software such as HMMER, CytoScape or GROMACS.
This website!

Perhaps the most immediate example would be this website right here! It is a rather simple design, but I like to think it has been built elegantly.